Nutshell Wisdom: There’s No “Right Way”

nutshell wisdom theres no right way

Trust no one who will tell you that they have THE answer, THE way, THE plan, THE diet, THE anything. There are probably as many different approaches to genuine self-improvement as there are people, or at least as many different approaches as there are “self-helpers” (like me) on our soapboxes telling you how to do it.

For instance, when you seek help from a mental health professional, don’t forget that you are the customer and the professional is the service provider. Be a good consumer; don’t walk in, sit down, and give your power away to someone just because they have a degree or a license or whatever hanging on the wall. And beware of the mental health professional who has forgotten that you are the customer.

A word to the wise: take in information – from professionals and/or others in your support system — as raw material to be processed by your own good judgment. Accept nothing at face value. If an idea, a method, or a technique appears to have value for you, take it off the shelf, hold it in your hands, examine it, try it on, or try it out. Accept it as your own only when you decide.

And when making decisions about what works for you, use the line-item veto. You never have to accept anything all or nothing.

In a Nutshell
Respect others’ opinions.
Trust your own good judgment.

Thom Rutledge